Readers ask: What Does Retract Mean In Ancient Greece?

What is the definition of retract?

1: to pull back or in A cat can retract its claws. 2: to take back (as an offer or statement): withdraw. retract. transitive verb.

What is the root word for retract?

Word Origin for retract C16: from Latin retractāre to withdraw, from tractāre to pull, from trahere to drag.

What’s another word for retract?

Some common synonyms of retract are abjure, forswear, recant, and renounce. While all these words mean “to withdraw one’s word or professed belief,” retract applies to the withdrawing of a promise, an offer, or an accusation.

What do the accents mean in Greek?

Accent Marks Almost all Greek words are written with one and only one accent mark. The three accent marks available in Greek were used originally to indicate variations in pitch. These three marks are called acute (τόν), grave (τὸ), and circumflex (τῶν).

What are things that retract?

Something retractable can be retracted: in other words, it can withdraw or collapse — like an umbrella or a cat’s set of claws. Cats have claws that can be drawn in to their paws or extended. Anything like that is retractable.

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What’s the opposite of retract?

retract. Antonyms: reiterate, repeat. Synonyms: withdraw, recal, revoke, unsay, disavow, recant, abjure, renounce.

Did Rizal really retracted?

No, Rizal did not retract. Although there were many opinions and evidences presented by various authors as to whether Rizal did or did not retract. First was the copy of the retraction paper that was allegedly signed by Rizal that was even kept secret and was only published in newspapers.

Can you retract a resignation letter?

The general rule is that once an employee has resigned, it cannot be reversed unless the employer agrees to it. There isn’t a legal obligation to accept a cancellation within a certain time-frame. The only situation in which an employee may have a case, is if the resignation is done in the heat of the moment.

What is retraction in history?

When a retraction is applied to academic or scholarly publishing, it indicates that an article was withdrawn from the publication in which it appeared after it was published. In a database search, an article may have ” RETRACTED ” appear before its title in its brief record.

Is retract and retrieve synonym?

A: Retract and retrieve have similar meanings. Both words involve taking something back.

Are retract and extend synonyms?

extend and retract synonym, extend and retract definition | Thesaurus

  • carry on, continue, drag out, draw out, elongate, lengthen, make longer, prolong, protract, spin out, spread out, stretch, unfurl, unroll.
  • carry on, continue, go on, last, take.
  • amount to, attain, go as far as, reach, spread.

Where do accents go in Greek?

Iro: ” Accent,” or “τόνος” as it is called in Greek, is always placed above a vowel.

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How do accents work in Greek?

In Ancient Greek, one of the final three syllables of each word carries an accent. Each syllable contains a vowel with one or two vocalic morae, and one mora in a word is accented; the accented mora is pronounced at a higher pitch than other morae. In nouns the accent is largely unpredictable.

What is an acute accent in Greek?

The acute accent (ὀξεῖα, oxeîa, ‘sharp’ or “high”)—’ά’—marked high pitch on a short vowel or rising pitch on a long vowel. The acute is also used on the first of two (or occasionally three) successive vowels in Modern Greek to indicate that they are pronounced together as a stressed diphthong.

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