Quick Answer: Who Cruises From Usa To Greece?

Are there cruises from US to Greece?

While cruises from the U.S. to Greece are desirable, they are limited in number and availability and call at only one to three destinations in Greece.

What cruise line goes to Greece?

Here is our guide to seven of the best small ship cruise lines visiting the Greek Islands:

  1. SeaDream Yacht Club.
  2. Windstar Cruises.
  3. Crystal Cruises.
  4. Ponant.
  5. Star Clippers.
  6. Silversea.
  7. Seabourn.

Are cruise ships going to Greece?

Norwegian Cruise Line Announces New Trips to Greece and the Caribbean for Summer 2021 | Travel + Leisure.

Does Royal Caribbean go to Greece?

With Royal Caribbean, you can easily island-hop–or island “cruise”–minus the daily ferry schedules or unpacking at every new place. Even if you plan to spend the bulk of your trip on the beach, a visit to Greece isn’t complete without a stop in Athens.

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How long is boat ride from USA to Europe?

Transatlantic cruises to Europe from the USA typically last around two weeks, with travelers spending around 13 to 16 nights onboard.

Do cruise ships go to Santorini?

Please, don’t do a cruise to Santorini. On a cruise, you only get a few hours to see Santorini – and it’s busy, hectic, and packed with tourists whenever a cruise ship is in port.

Is a cruise a good way to see Greece?

Once you are in Greece, cruises of the Greek islands may be one of the most memorable ways to experience this beautiful country. Most Greece -based cruise ship tours are relatively inexpensive and provide a pleasant way to see a number of locations in a short period.

How much does a cruise to Greece cost?

A 21-24 day cruise through the Mediterranean costs about $1,800-$6,000 for an interior or ocean view, per person, double occupancy, depending on cruise line, choice of stateroom, booking date and sailing date.

What is the best time of year to cruise the Greek islands?

The season in the Greek islands runs from May to late October. While July and August are the most popular for cruise ships, keep in mind that temperatures can top 100 degrees. June and September are probably the best months, as the tourist crush isn’t as thick and the climate is cooler.

Can Americans travel to Greece?

Greece will allow entry for permanent residents of the United States, EU and Schengen states, and certain other countries. All travelers age five and over must present a negative PCR test for entry. 5

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How do you get to island hopping in Greece?

The closest Cycladic island (the best island group for island hopping ) is 3 or 4 hours from Athens by ferry – and from there the magic begins. If possible try to fly into Greece and out of Greece from different airports to save yourself the time, hassle, and expense of backtracking.

Can you take a boat from Italy to Greece?

The most common way to travel between Italy and Greece is by ferry. There are several Italian ports from which you can choose to take a ferry to Greece, Croatia, and other Mediterranean destinations.

How much is a 7 day Mediterranean cruise?

How Much Does a Mediterranean Cruise Cost? The average price of a 7 night Mediterranean cruise is $848 per person. In the peak summer season, this increases to $1218. The price of a 7 -night Mediterranean cruise during winter can be as little as $430.

How much is the ferry from Athens to Santorini?

There are more than 6 ferries per day from Athens to Santorini in the summer months. Fares for Athens to Santorini ferries cost from 40€ to 80€ and the journey takes between 5 and 10 hours. The cheapest ferry from Athens to Santorini is the Blue Star.

Is Carnival or Royal Caribbean better?

Both Royal Caribbean and Carnival offer affordable vacations. If you want to sail the more inexpensive cruise line, however, then you’re better off with Carnival according to our analysis. Bottom line: When it comes to cost, Carnival is usually cheaper to sail than a similar trip on Royal Caribbean.

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