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  SKiathos Beaches ,Most popular beaches in skiathos island-Greece.

Most popular beaches in Skiathos Island
  Skiathos has more than 60 sandy beaches all around.
It's a small paradise for people who love the sea and the sun. Almost all the southern beaches are organised with Taverns, Umbrellas and water sports.
You can choose from a deserted beach, to a very crowded beach, You can access all the beaches with a car or a bike, but the best way to see all the beaches is by rending a boat.
All the beaches are beautiful, and I am sure you will find your beach paradise. I have below only a few popular beaches that you must visit. Put your hats on and of we go.
The most popular destination for scuba diving is the Small tsougria island.

Koukounaries is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe , long with gold sand, and the pine trees on the back it makes it unique. Very busy in the summer though


Vassilias beach is a very beautiful quiet beach, located only two km from Skiathos town. This photo is taken from Vasilias beach apartments


Above Vasilias beach we can find the hotels Vasilias beach apartments, Kassandra inn, Villa melia, Skiathos club, Eleni studios, And the paradise hotel. Stefanos Ski School is also on Vassilias beach and you can find a big variety of Watersports



Ag.Paraskevi on the 6 th km from Skiathos town, beautiful sandy beach, took the name from the Church of Ag.paraskevi .



west side from the island a beautiful quiet beach
with a view of mainland Greece


In Kanapitsa bay we have three beaches,Sklithri,Nostos,and kanapitsa all beautiful with gold sand with view to the islands of Tsougria and Arkos




I won't say anything for this beach i let you discover this beach by your self


Troulos beach is a very organized beach with taverns and umbrellas and with the view of "Troulonisi" a small in the front of the beach


My favorite,fantastic bay unspoiled ,an empty island, you can go with a boat from the harbor or you can rent a boat and discover everything by your self.
On the beach their is a traditional tavern which you can have something to drink and eat.


The other beach of Tsougria has the first oil factory of Skiathos not to be missed.


In Kanapitsa bay we have Nostos beach,it took the name from the hotel Nostos above the beach.
there are also a very nice traditional tavern on the beach


The famous Lalaria ,different beach with a unique scenery.
You can only go by boat from the harbor or you can rent you own

Not to be missed



Kastro beach has an historical meaning for Skiathos is not as beautiful as the other beaches but is really worth seeing it because all the history of Skiathos goes through Kastro



We can find Lehouni Beach below Evagelistria church.


VERY VERY busy beach,very loud with music if you like really loud beaches this is your beach


North side of the island very well known this beach with the unspoiled views.
very strong north winds create huge waves good for wind surfing



North side of the island a quiet beach also with strong north winds.
Quite popular the Aselinos Camping




Kassandra Bay Hotel Located above Stefanos Ski School
Skiathos Club Hotel Located 600 meters above Vassilias Beach


Vassilias Beach Apartments Located in Vassilias Beach
Oasis Hotel Apartments and Studios in Skiathos Town.
Ariadni Apartments Located in Ag.Paraskevi
Precas Studios and Skiathos Calma Apartments. Located in Ag.Paraskevi
Tramountana Apartments Located in Skiathos town area of Kalivia
Koilios house Located above kolios beach

Stefanos house Located above kolios beach
Zois House Located in Troulos,8 km from Skiathos town.
Grigoris Studios Located in Skiathos town.Area of Ammoudia.


Skiathos suites Located in the area of Troulos |Skiathos.


  Skiathos Villas Located in Skiathos town.

Skiathos Island Villas Located in Skiathos town.

Villa Erifili Located in Skiathos town.

  House Villas
Jasmin House Villa :
 Is a three bedroom house newly build located in the area of Ag.Paraskevi-Platanias.




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