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Vassilias Beach

Vassilias beach, if you translate in Greek means “The kings beach” Small, peaceful, and beautiful with a great scenery .Above the beach you can see all the archeological discoveries.
So if that beach was the kings choice why not yours!!!
Located 2 km from the center o Skiathos.
Is the second beach you will find after Megali Ammos.
The bus stop No 8 is the one you stop, and you use the entrance from the Kassandra hotel,and the entrance from Vassilias beach apartments .
Parking available on both hotels

Vassilias beach is a quiet family beach with a spectacular view to the islands of Tsougria,and Arkos,and the town of Skiathos
Vasilias beach a truly unspoiled beach with an historical meaning. Vasilias beach means the”kings” beach, and years ago Vasilias beach was an Oasis full of life. The beach it self has a unique style ,the breathtaking view of Tsougria , small Tsougria, Arkos and Maragos islands give a tranquil feeling to the spectator

Above Vasilias beach we have the Hotels “Vassilias beach Apartments” and the newer build Kassandra inn.

There are also Greek traditional taverns on each hotel with a pool bars.

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